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Bradley was born in London, England to Jamaican parents.

Bradley McIntosh
Bradley (left) with Hannah (center) and Jon (right) in Boyfriends & Birthdays'


Bradley John McIntosh

Date of Birth and Place:

8 August, 1981; London, England

Known Families:

  • Loraine (biological mother)
  • Steve (father)
  • Anne Marie (step-mother)
  • Natasha & Jasmine (Sisters)








Fame, looking for a wife of his own

Age of Heroism:

18 (Miami 7)

Portrayed by


Boxing; Video Gaming

Real-Word Articles

Role in TV and Film

Known Allies

Known Enemies

  • The Sherriff (Back to the 50s)
  • Rockets (Back to the 50s)

What makes Bradley Heroic

Despite his clumsy ways that are seen on occasion, McIntosh does show his heroic nature with his comic ways, yet he’s often serious at times.


  • Despite mainly humorous tactics, he does take life-threatening matters seriously.
    • This was seen in Viva episode; let’s get out of here, when he learned that Tina was given the death penalty by the Spanish Mafia, he was dismayed with how the punishment simply is unfair and cruel. He even tells Rachel what happened knowing the Spanish Government is helpless.
  • There are cases where he finds himself in situations that are out of his league.
    • Wrongfully jailed (once by the nasty disrespectful sheriff in Back to the 50s and by mistake in Seeing Double) twice, having a fan allow him, being addicted to a video game
  • For the most part, being a comic relief is Bradley’s main trait. During scenes with the tension is known, Bradley often was to break the tension with a random wisecracking comment. This reminds people around him not to give up on a tough situation, even if it does get him in trouble.
    • Despite this, there are cases where his sense of humor gets him out of a jam.



S Club 7 - Best of Bradley McIntosh

S Club 7 - Best of Bradley McIntosh

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