Butthead beavis and butthead
Butt-Head with nacho




Student, cashier at Burger World

Family members:

unnamed mother, a father who worked as a Raodie, Beavis (like his half-brohter)



Butt-head is the older to male duo Beavis and Butt-Head.

About HimEdit

Clearly seen as the brains of the duo, Butt-head is the calmer, cockier, made cleverer of the duo than Beavis. However, Butt-head, despite has leadership role, is also the lazier of the duo since he often makes Beavis do the heavy do and only reacts if there is something that interest him. Butt-head is seen with an AC/DC shirt, and he a fan of heavy metal music, especially GWAR. Butt-head’s family is rarely seen, but it has been hinted that Beavis could be his half-brother if series holds up.

Relationship to BeavisEdit

Through out the series, it has been hinted on whatever or not Beavis is Butt-head’s half-brother.

  • In Science Stuff, the first clue of their relationship came when asked.
  • In Do America, Butt-head unknowingly meets his biological father and there is a claim he had sex with two women, one likely Beavis’s mother. If true, this could confirm the case.

His HeroismEdit

Despite his antics and that of Beavis, Butt-head had some heroic traits


  • In Do America, he and Beavis unknowingly stop a terroristic plot against America while they searching for their TV Set?
  • In Nosebleed, he makes attempts to stop Beavis’s nose bleed.
  • He doesn’t give up a quest to “score” with women in no matter the cost.
  • Rarely, Butt-Head shows any sign of fears even when threaten by a cop.
  • In Citizen Arrest, he and Beavis thwarted a robbery asking the cop to tell a robber to get his gun out because he was getting annoyed.