607px-Garfield And Pooky
Garfield with his teddy bear, Pooky




June 19, 1978



Family Memebers:

  • Jon Arbuckle (Owner)
  • Odie (roommate)


  • Eating
  • Sleeping
  • Watching TV
  • Bullying Odie
  • Harassing Herman Post

Voiced By:

  • Scott Beach (in early commericals)
  • Lorenzo Music voice from 1982 until his death
  • Frank Welker voice from 2007 to present
  • Bill Murray (voice in both live action films)
  • Unknown stage actor (2010;stage adaption)

Garfield debuted on June 19, 1978; he’s the pet cat of Jon Arbuckle.

About Him

Garfield is known for his lazy personality, rude behavior, obese size, yet wise tom orange black striped tabby cat. Garfield loves to torture his owner, Jon, his roommate, a dog named Odie, and the mailman, Herman Post. He also likes to eat, lasagna in particularly, sleeping, watching TV, and anything that doesn’t required work much to Jon’s dismay at times. Garfield hates to do much works, with Mondays being the only other thing he hates more, along with spiders and being forced to catch mice. However, Garfield hates anyone completing against for popularly more than other, especially from Nermal, another tom cat.

His Heroism

Despite of his lazy personality, Garfield often shows acts of heroism.


  • He sometimes shows act of remorse.
    • For Example: after making Nermal think he’s ugly and caused him to run away, Garfield had to redeem himself after Odie learned about what he did.
  • Garfield often has to defend himself, with comical results.
    • When dealing with a big supposedly vicious dog, a Doberman in the film, Garfield always finds a way to outsmart him.
  • Garfield appeared in anti-drug program, Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue, when he learns a teenage male is using illegal drugs.
  • When unusual aliens and mutants invade his home, Garfield often finds a clever solution to fight them off.
  • Garfield refuses to attack mice and even save them at times.


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