Grandma “Pookie” Gertrude


Grandma "Pookie" Gertrude


  • Retired librarian and police officer
  • Co-Owner of the Boarding House



Family Members:

  • Arnold (grandson)
  • Philip (husband)
  • Miles (son)
  • Stella (daughter-in-law)
  • Mitzi (sister-in-law)


October 7, 1996

Voiced By:

Tress MacNeille

Gertrude is the paternal grandmother of the titular character in Nickelodeon’s series, Hey Arnold.

About HerEdit

A retired librarian and police officer, Gertrude has a bizarre way of settling serious situations that something her grandson, Arnold, finds himself in. An expert in martial arts and survivalist, Gertrude’s personally is often criticized by the residents of the boarding house she runs along with her husband, Philip. When she and Philip were children, as revealed in Girl Trouble, they had the same relationship as Arnold has with Helga. It turns out she was a school bully and Phil was her victim, just like Arnold is Helga’s victim of her bullying. Despite her immature ways, even to Phil, Gertrude is strangely heroic.

Gertrude’s acts of heroismEdit

Gertrude is able to dismay acts of heroism, even in an unusual matter.


  • In the Halloween special, Gertrude turned out to be a trained electrician by fixing the blackout.
    • This was also seen in Das Subway, she noticed that a subway was stuck and had a clue that Arnold was on that very subway.
  • In the List, she’s a skilled piano player and was able to cheer up Arnold, when he felt like a failure, while in Mugged she helped him skill the ways of the warrior.
  • In Field Trip, she freed a giant turtle named Locked Jaw upon hearing about his condition at the Aquarium.
  • Out of all the people in Heat wave, she has a high tolerance to heat and was able to think cool.
  • In Save the Tree, she dress up like Tarzan and manages to keep the bulldozer from attacking a tree.
  • In Summer of Love, she was among those who wasn't scared of going in the bluff, much to her husband's dismay.

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