This is the fictional version of the actress who later played Abby Maitland of the show, Primeval. Please see links for more info.

Born in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England, Spearritt was a pop singer.

Hannah Spearritt
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Hannah with Bradley, L.A. 7'


Hannah Louise Spearritt

Date of Birth and Place:

April 1, 1981; Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England

Known Family members:

  • Jenny (mother)
  • Michel (father)
  • Tanya (sister)
  • Stuart (brother)
  • Eddie (uncle)


Age of Heroism:

18 (Miami 7)

Portrayed by:

Hannah Spearitt (real)

Real World Articles

Role in TV and Film

Known Allies

Known Enemies

  • The Sherriff (Back to the 50s)
  • Rockets (Back to The 50s)

Hannah’s Heroic Traits

Despite her childish antics and young age, Spearritt is strangely heroic in her own way.


  • Most often if she could, Spearritt mainly helps out the others in the situation they’re in, although it sometimes has a disastrous results.
  • When it’s not a life or death situation, Hannah at times has to defend for herself.



  • Born on April Fool's Day
  • Youngest of the girls
  • Like Tina, she is also skilled in a sport, kickboxing.
  • Dating her bandmate Paul Cattermole from 2001 to 2006 but rekindle their in 2015 and broke up the same year.


S Club 7 - Best of Hannah Spearritt

S Club 7 - Best of Hannah Spearritt

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