Harry Senate
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Harry Senate


Harry Senate



Protrayed by:

Nicky Katt


High school teacher


Making the students in the dungeon become functional members of society

Harry Senate is a teacher at Winslow High School in Boston Public, and he teaches students who are in the so-call dungeon of the school, prior toward this, he taught geology.

About SenateEdit

Happened to deal a harsh past, Senate decides to take unconventional approach to teaching, which strangely has produce better results. Senate was offered the job when the previous teacher, Marla Hendricks, suffered a nervous breakdown as a result of the students’ abuse. Senate decided to approach the matter of the students in the dungeon by using, often controversial, methods to teach them about respect and marketable skills. Senate sees the students as people, even getting them to open up what troubling them.

Role in the seriesEdit

Senate’s main goal is to get the dungeon students to be functional members of society. In the first season, Senate learns about the part-time job student, Dana Poole, and tires to talk some sense into her, which almost cost him his job. Senate often has to ague with Steven Harper and Scott Guber, but he triumph in the end after giving his reasons. Senate often in engage in situations that of could easily cost him his job or his life, yet he pulls through.

what makes Senate a HeroEdit

Senate’s heroic does become known; even if he does one move could be costly


  • Convincing his students to work hard and never giving up
  • Concern for the students, even calling Social Services when he learns the mother of one of them is going to jail.
  • Breaks into a classroom a student, who had killed a man in a robbery, took a social studies teacher, Lauren Davis, hostage and stopping the student.
  • Protecting his students, even getting stabbed

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