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Iago (Disney's Aladdin)
Iago in Aladdin



Known Family Members:

Othello (brother)


Red lory (parrot)


Arabian city, Agrabah

Voiced By:

Gilbert Gottfried (english)

Iago was a bird who’s a villain turn hero from the Disney series, Aladdin.

About Him[]

Iago was once the companion of the villain, Jafar, in the Aladdin but has since turn his back on Jafar and joined Aladdin and his crew on their constant mission to protect Arabian city, Agrabah and the royal family. Iago is a red lory, a parrot native to Indonesia. Because he’s a parrot, Iago can speak in human languages, mainly English, which it common for parrots to mimic such languages. Just like other birds that are common in Africa, like the Africa grey, Iago is very smart and was able to learn a host of tricks, thanks to Jafar. Unlike many parrots, Iago hates crackers, as noted when being offered crackers by the Sultan.

His turn to heroism[]

In the first film, Iago was basically a henchman of Jafar and joined him on his crime wave, even coming close to part of the royal family by marrying Jasmine before Aladdin exposes Jafar for who he is. When Jafar obtain the ability to become a genie, Iago realizes on the errors of his ways but it was too late when he’s trapped in the lamp with Jafar. In the second film, Iago escaped from Jafar’s hold and was fed up with him. At first, Iago is rejected due to his past but was eventually forgiven for his past. He was able to earn Aladdin’s trust when he destroys the lamp Jafar was bound to by putting it into molten lava. In the third film, Iago joins Aladdin’s father as they bid a farewell to Aladdin and Jasmine leave Arabian city to start their own family.


  • In the TV Version of the series, it was revealed that Iago has a brother named Othello. This fact is a reference to the Shakespearean play, Othello, where both characters got their names.
  • Iago is also in the Kingdom Hearts series and the Aladdin video games.
  • Iago also appears in Disney's, House of Mouse.


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