Jo O'Meara
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Jo thinking.


Joanne Jo O'Meara

Date of Birth and Place:

April 29, 1979; Romford, Essex, England

Known Family Members:

  • Babs (mother)
  • Dave (father)
  • Julie (sister)
  • Shane (brother)

Age of heroism:

20 (Miami 7)




Joanne (Jo) O'Meara (real)



Born in Romford, Essex, England, Jo has been showed to heroic traits despite of herself.

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Role in TV and Film

Known Allies

Known Foes

  • Rockets (Back to the 50s)
  • The sheiff (Back to 50s)

Jo’s Heroic Traits

Despite at times being hot-headed and sometimes having her words misread, O’Meara strangely has heroic traits.


  • Like Tina, Jo rarely shows signs of fear. However, unlike Tina, who keeps her anger in check, Jo is often at times violent with her anger although like her fear, it’s rare.
  • When she’s not in a fit of rage, Jo often has to look after her band mates, especially when Tina isn’t around. When Jo knows she being told off, she lets the person know what they were up to and that she was on to them.
  • When her band mates’ lives are safe, Jo would often have to deal with them or defend herself.
    • This is particularly in Hollywood 7.


  • In Wind Resistance, it was revealed that Jo flew up in Essex County, England.



S Club 7 - Best Of Jo O'Meara

S Club 7 - Best Of Jo O'Meara

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