Jon Lee
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Jon Lee (who has the green tie) with Hannah and Rachel.


Jonathan "Jon" Lee

Known Family Members:

Wendy (mother), Terry (father), Cassie (sister), Jamie & Ben (brothers)





Date of Birth and Place:

Apirl 26, 1982 in Deven, England

Age of Heroism:

17 (Miami 7)

Protrayed by:

Jon Lee

This is about a fictional verison of a real person.

Jonathan “Jon” Lee was born in Devon, England. He was the youngest in the group, S Club 7.

Real Life InfoEdit

Known AlliesEdit

Known FoesEdit

  • The Sherriff (Back to the 50s)
  • Rockets (Back to the 50s)

Role in TV and FilmEdit

About His Heroic ActionsEdit

Despite the youngest in the group, Lee is surprising heroic to his band mates.

  • In Miami 7, Lee set up the plan to free a bull alligator named Clint when he felt he’s being held against his will. However, Lee learns Clint is a homing gator, meaning he loves his home with Howard so much, he finds his way home; hence why a gate is left open to let him roam around.
  • In Boyfriends and Birthdays, Lee set up a plan to find Jimmy-Bob when the child went missing.
  • Lee often has to inform many those who tried to hurt his group of the consequences despite the fact he could face trouble and/of get hurt himself.


  • Although never mentioned in the TV/Film series, Lee is a member of LGBT community despite his character’s attempts on meeting the right one.
  • As seen in the series, Lee is a vegetarian.




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