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Peter and his friends in the Disney verison of the story.

Peter is the main character of the musical story, Peter and the Wolf.

About HimEdit

Peter lived in the forests of Russia (Soviet Union at the time) with his grandfather. Peter wasn’t afraid of anything and often goes outside, sometimes in where his grandfather warned him about. Peter’s grandfather tells him that there is a wolf outside, but Peter wasn’t afraid and was willing to risk his young life to take down a wolf. When his grandfather asleep, Peter snuck outside in order to find the wolf. It was there Peter met up with his friends.

There was soon a bird and a duck in an augment, one was asking why one couldn’t swim and the other couldn’t fly. Peter’s pet cat also followed the group, and it wasn’t long for them to find a wolf. Peter soon finds a rope in hope of capturing the wolf while the bird went to find help. After a group of hunters was told about a wolf, they went to the scene where Peter would be, fearing the worst. However, it was Peter who was able to capture the wolf alive and they would go to take it to the zoo. Although upset, Peter’s grandfather was pound of Peter for his act of bravery.


  • The musical story had Peter repented by the string instruments.
  • In the Disney film, the animals and the hunters had names:
    • "Sasha" the bird, "Sonia" the duck, and "Ivan" the cat
    • Hunters were named: Misha, Yasha and, Vladimir
  • In the Disney version: The duck survived and Peter already knew there was a wolf and was planning on capturing it.
  • In 2006, the a short film was made about the story and won an Academy Award.

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