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Rachel Stevens
Vsc7-btt50s-08 Rachel
Rachel (middle) with Paul (left) and Bradley (right) in jail thanks to the Sheriff who refuse to listen to her and her bandmates. (Back to the 50s)


Rachel Lauren Stevens

Date of Birth and Place:

April 9, 1978, London England

Known Family members:

  • Michel (father)
  • Linda (mother)
  • Jason & Lee (step-brothers)

Age when Heroism begun:

20 (Miami 7)




Fame, starting a family



Portrayed by:

Rachel Stevens (real)


Eurasian (European Asian mixed)

Born in London, England; Rachel Lauren Stevens was once a member of English band, S Club 7.

Real World Articles

Role in TV and Film

Known Allies

Known Enemies

  • The Sherriff (Back to the 50s)
  • Rockets (Back to The 50s)

What makes Rachel Heroic

While not as brave as Tina, Rachel has shown some heroic traits in her known right.


  • In Boyfriends and Birthdays, after being dumped by her boyfriend for not returning to England, Rachel went though a state of depression until she heard about Jimmy-Bob running after being let down by his father. Jimmy-Bob’s father failed to arrive for his birthday and run to a beach, on which Rachel found him. Having dealt with being emotionally hurt herself, Rachel talks to Jimmy-Bob, which cheers up him and let him move on.
  • In Viva series, when she and Hannah went to see what was wrong with Maria, Rachel learned about the problem and explains how to help Maria.



S Club 7 - Best of Rachel Stevens

S Club 7 - Best of Rachel Stevens

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