Robin Hood
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Robin Hood


Outlaw, archer


Strength, Enhanced Marksmanship, Swordsmanship


Any poor people in the town of Nottingham, Little John, Friar Tuck, Lady Kluck, Otto, Skippy


To steal from the rich and give to the poor


Helping the poor


Being treated like a criminal


Bow and arrow, sword


Heroic, Gentle, Clever

Robin Hood is an English Folk Hero, whose main goal is to ensure the poor receive the wealth the rich keeps denying them. He is often seen with his ‘Merry Men’, Hood’s legend goes as far back to medieval time, yet goes on in modern day. His background is unknown but many sources believe he was once among the aristocrat, The Rich, even owning land but felt terrible for those who didn’t. It was likely due to this, Hood abandon his aristocratic and begun giving wealth to the poor and begun robbing other aristocratic people to ensure the poor’s safety. To the eyes of the aristocratic, he is seen as a villain but to the poor, a hero.


Since the beginning, Robin Hood has been books, so films and TV. However, his appearances vary demanding on the source.


Early Verison

  • A Gest of Robyn Hode
  • Robin Hood and the Monk
  • Robin Hood and the Potter

Ballads appearing in 17th-century Percy Folio

  • Robin Hood's Death
  • Robin Hood and Guy of Gisborne
  • Robin Hood and the Curtal Friar
  • Robin Hood and the Butcher
  • Robin Hood Rescuing Will Stutly
  • Robin Hood Rescuing Three Squires
  • The Jolly Pinder of Wakefield
  • Robin Hood and Queen Katherine

Other ballads

  • A True Tale of Robin Hood
  • Robin Hood and the Bishop
  • Robin Hood and the Bishop of Hereford
  • Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow
  • Robin Hood and the Prince of Aragon
  • Robin Hood and the Ranger
  • Robin Hood and the Scotchman
  • Robin Hood and the Tanner
  • Robin Hood and the Tinker
  • Robin Hood and the Valiant Knight
  • Robin Hood Newly Revived
  • Robin Hood's Birth, Breeding, Valor, and Marriage
  • Robin Hood's Chase
  • Robin Hood's Delight
  • Robin Hood's Golden Prize
  • Robin Hood's Progress to Nottingham
  • The Bold Pedlar and Robin Hood
  • The King's Disguise, and Friendship with Robin Hood
  • The Noble Fisherman

Disney’s Robin Hood

In 1973, Disney made a full-length animated film called Robin Hood. However, unlike the human as he was portrayed in folklore, Hood was depicted as a fox, commonly seen in fables, yet the film follows the story as close it could.

Galley, The many faces of Robin Hood

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