'Rules to the Heroic Characters' This is one the heroic characters, but there the rules to follow.

  • Only heroic characters allowed.
    • Meaning those who do good deeds like saving a life or making a differeces for the better.
  • When posting picture, they must have some form of information regarding copyright to make sure it’s in far use.
    • If you’re not sure, you can place that you’re unaware of any license. You can edit once you find the info and someone in the site will fix it for you.
    • Porn is NOT allowed. Only family-friendly pictures are allowed, otherwise that will result in a suspension.
  • This on just the person, NOT any form of superhuman abilities, although super powered characters are allowed.
  • Please, do research beforehand. Check for any other pages that are similar to what you’re going to about.
    • This will prevent overcrowding of pages that aren't needed.
    • Make sure the work is of your own, although it is subject to be edit about other, this site does take the issue of plagiarism very seriously and those busted with face suspension.
    • If you have a link related to your research you would like to post, you may post it to provide for info.
  • If you have trouble creating a new page, check out the editing help (open on a new window) for info.
  • Allow unregistered users can add on, it’s best registered users to work on certain pages if it is detailed.
    • However, everyone is allowed to comment.
  • If you'll going to put a verison of a real-person, some had played themsevles, please let us know.