Sam Puckett
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Samantha "Sam" Puckett

Date of Birth:

April 17, 1994 [1]

Portrayed by:

Jennette McCurdy Olivia Hosken (as 8-year-old Sam) Harley Graham (as 7-year-old Sam)

Known Family memebers:

Pamela Puckett (mother) Melanie Puckett (identical twin sister) Carmine Puckett (uncle) Unnamed father "J'Mam-maw" (grandmother) Morris Puckett (uncle) Judy Puckett (aunt) Aunt Maggie (aunt) Annie Puckett (cousin) Greg Patillo (cousin) Uncle Billy (uncle) Uncle Buzz (uncle) Uncle Frank (uncle) Garth (cousin) Tanya (cousin) Frothy (cat) Fluffles (former bunny)


Studnet, Web-Star


Tap dancing Singing Beating people up Pranks Popping balloons by spitting watermelon seeds Comedy Rapping Drawing



Samantha "Sam" Puckett is a character on Nickelodeon’s, i-Carly, and she’s the deuteragonist, second main character, after Carly Shay and she’s the co-host of the web show of the same name.

About Her

She is depicted as very aggressive and lazy, and a well-known troublemaker in the school, yet she’s not considered a villain. Puckett don’t often get along with people of authority, yet some like Principal Franklin, go easy on her even when being disciplined in compassion to Mr. Howard and Miss Briggs, who are hard on her. Puckett is a unique kind of hero because she doesn’t demonstrate the kind of heroism, Carly and Freddie Benson display, yet she seldom backs down with if it means possible death. In i-Christmas, it was revealed if Sam Puckett isn’t a celebrity, she’s would’ve been in juvenile hall, even she has gotten arrested 4 times, one of which she poured chili dogs on the Mexican ambassador while the other 3 times were unknown.

Known Allies

  • Carly Shay
  • Freddie Benson
  • Gibby
  • Spencer Shay
  • Principal Franklin
  • T-Bo
  • Mark
  • Shelby Marx
  • Tori Vega

Known Enemies

  • Ms. Briggs
  • Nevel Papperman
  • Kyoko and Yuki (i-Go to Japan)
  • Wade Collins (i-Rocked the Vote)
  • Jocelyn (i-Make Sam Girlier)
  • Missy Robinson (i-Reunite with Missy)
  • Mr. Howard (especially in i-Have My Principals)
  • Leann Carter (i-Was a Pageant Girl)
  • Nora Dirshlitt (i-Psycho)
  • Pam Puckett (sometimes)
  • The 4th Grade Kids (i-Sell Penny-Tees)

What Makes Sam a Hero

Despite of her rebellious nature, Puckett does display acts of heroism.


  • Puckett is known to show her bravery even when she’s threaten. Sam is known to be a trained fighter, as seen in i-Make Sam Girlier when she fought Jocelyn, who was bigger and meaner than her, and won.
  • When Puckett realizes her friends are in trouble or she’s under attack, she goes to great length to prove her point, as seen in i-Reunite with Missy when she knew Missy was trying to get rid of Sam as a best friend.
  • Despite being an expert in the art of lying, Puckett rarely does lie to anyone.
  • Puckett, often along with Carly and Freddie, exposes any corrupt officials, mainly Howard, even on the air, like what happened in i-Got Detention, or finds a situation to remove them from the position when she feels doesn’t belong, like in i-Have my Principals.

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