Speedy outrunning Sylvester the Cat

Speedy Gonzales is a mouse in the Looney Tunes series.

About HimEdit

Born in and raise in Mexico, Speedy Gonzales is often seen outsmarting his enemies, mainly Sylvester and Daffy Duck, by being faster than they are, hence his name. In the beginning years, Gonzales’s main enemies have been cats, since cats are a natural predator of mice and their cousins, rats. A common running gag is to have Gonzales to have natural speed and his smarts. Later on, Daffy Duck discovers how it pays not to mess with a mouse who can outsmart, even the most skilled enemy.


  • Gonzales has a cousin named, Slowpoke Rodriguez, who is the slowest mouse yet a weapon specialist.
  • When Gonzales debut, he was criticized for stereotyping Mexicans and the lifestyle in Mexico.


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