Timothy Sweeney


Timothy Sweeney


Science Teacher at James K. Polk Middle School

Played by:

Don Creech

Timothy Sweeney was a villain turn hero from the Nickelodeon show, Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide.

About Him

Little is known about Sweeny before he became a science teacher, Sweeney was the main villain in the first season of the series and showed huge traits of ageism, even student bullies are forced to look behind them. He is known never to be without his lab coat and always trying to find a way to outsmart the title character and his friends, Jennifer and Simon.

His turn to heroism

Despite being seen a typical cruel school, like Vice Principal Harvey Crubbs, Sweeney’s main goal is teach students and soon begins to lose his mean ways. When Crubbs was introduced, Sweeny at first became the henchman until he realizes Crubbs’s cruelty towards the children and realizes the students are human like him.


  • Despite his distrust of students, Sweeney has a lot of faith in students including Ned, even betraying Crubbs by saving Ned, who weren’t supposed to be on the trip to the museum. Sweeney knew Ned was trying to save the museum from vandals, even explaining how Ned was one of his worst yet favorite students to teach.

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